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Individual project support

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Bespoke projects

Already have a clear idea of what you need, but don’t yet know how to achieve it? Need support with ongoing change processes? Need results and aren’t seeing any yet?

We’ve got your back! Everything that does not fit the Honey Method or change programme receives a bespoke project plan. This way, you get exactly what you need. In your organisation, not on Powerpoint (although perhaps there too).

Wie wir unterstützen

Organisational whispers

People who are in charge of an organisation sometimes also need a backup, a guide or strong companions. Because in reality, at the top there is always change, and the wind can be rough.

We understand this very well and for the last 20 years, it has been part of our business and an affair of the heart to strengthen those who form the backbone of an organisation. We are here to get you through it all and take care of both you and the result.

Support. Hands on. Strategic. Calm and focused. Balanced and refreshing. We make sure you get what you need. So that you can be successful.

So is it then coaching, consulting or support? It’s all of that, and it’s also keeping room for development, responsibility and the next big steps. Sometimes it’s just good to have someone whisper to you what needs to be done and what will help. That’s what we do.


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Man hat in der Zusammenarbeit bei NOHETO! selbst bei größten Herausforderungen stets die Gewissheit, dass das Endergebnis hohen Standards gerecht wird.
Abteilungsleiter Veranstaltungsmanagement
How do I get people to leave their comfort zone and ultimately make an effort? We couldn't manage it on our own. But with NOHETO! we did!
Herzlichen Dank auf diesem Weg für das große Engagement bei dieser, für unser Vorankommen so wichtigen, Aufgabe!
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