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Knowing what the crucial next steps are

The Honey Method

Smarter overview and knowing what to do.

We developed the Honey Method as a swift and holistic way of giving companies the opportunity to clearly position themselves in a topic and gain practical impulses that can be directly implemented.

Similar to an audit, we go deep within a few consultations, extract what is important, bring pools of knowledge together and give it back to you in the form of clear, digestible approaches (…psst, we don’t mean a Powerpoint!)

Our focus topics are digitalisation or innovation.

Being prepared for the future

Das Change Programm

Orchestrated, guided change that is easily packaged and firmly anchored in your company. We take you from “here and now” to “us, but better and more stable”. The whole company, over several months. Change can and should be easy and inspiring. Let us show you how!

Our newly developing flagship programme

We have brought together everything we have learnt in over 20 years of transformation support and change orchestration. Reduced to the max, free of the 1-to-1 exclusivity found behind the curtains of the corporate stage. This programme provides you with knowledge, guidance and continuity that involves all employee levels and catalyses communication in real time.

Managing with clarity and ease

Individual project support

We bring you securely to your goal. Listening, understanding what you need and starting right where you are. With the appropriate next steps. That’s what consulting at NOHETO! has meant for over 20 years. We support companies in sustainable and successful management, from initial questions to implementation. During change and on rough terrain.

We see ourselves as your partner. We stand behind you, by your side and look ahead for you. We take responsibility for our actions and ensure that you grow stronger and more secure through our collaboration.

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