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Focus topics of the honey method


Digitalisation means change that is crucial for the future of a company. But how exactly this change will take shape, as well as what it means today and for the next steps, is difficult for most companies to grasp.


New business models, digitalisation and fundamental changes in the requirements of customers and employees are challenges that are crucial for the future of a company. When working with the Honey Method, you will receive a reliable assessment and the appropriate next steps tailored to you.

How we support

The 4 steps of the honey method


Individual consultations on the topic at hand within the company, with management and 2-3 other key people.


Clustering and alignment with current discussions (articles, studies, interview, etc.). Standpoints are outlined and topics clustered.


Clustered topics are discussed anonymously and individually with experts and ideas are developed. The experts are selected for their wealth of experience and individual perspectives on the topic at hand (e.g., data or HR).


This results in individual feedback, suggestions and input for each company. These are summarised into manageable feedback and impulses, which are then illustrated, described and explained via audio/video.


Knowing what to do, even afterwards!

Clarity and transparency about your own position regarding the focus topics.

Feedback from experts in three different fields (such as data/analysis, HR/culture, marketing, innovation, AI, investment).

Blind spots are highlighted and the next steps fall into place.

Appropriate and highly relevant impulses for your company with specific recommendations for action. These are presented on hand cards and also explained in an audio or video format. Texts and images are individually developed for each company.


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We have adapted our organisational structure to our new challenges. Now we are much more effective. Without NOHETO! we wouldn't have dared to do so.
NOHETO! intensively analyzes the client's needs, builds on them and complements them with competence and expertise.
At NOHETO!, a project does not remain just an assignment, but is filled with life.
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