Noheto! means: Let's go!

We change companies - towards more clarity, so that they can better fulfil their objectives.
Today and in the future.

We overcome the status quo. We are development specialists, associates and sparring partners for those in charge. We are change in action and ensure constant values and high standards.

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Our story

How it all began

Four young men and an idea – founding a consultancy that is different. Which proceeds from the right questions and not from prefabricated answers. Which is always ready to question everything, including its own approach. Which above all brings enjoyment, not pressure. At a garden party, Kurt Weidemann decided to create the logo on a napkin. That was the beginning, the initial spark. NOHETO! – Let’s go.

After five years and many initial successes, it was time to ask how it should continue. What started out casually between students or recent graduates had grown up.

A family entrepreneur, a brand enthusiast, a longing to go abroad and a desire to learn more – it became more and more clear that they would not be able to follow the same path in the long run. This meant that several exciting opportunities for NOHETO! arose. The best one, however, was their decision to hand everything over to one of their project leaders – Nora Möllers – for her to play with. She had just returned from abroad, and a different career was originally on the cards. But this opportunity was too unusual, too good. She accepted it the following day. She had not yet completed her undergraduate degree – but what would be more effective way of studying business than helping to shape one as an entrepreneur? 
And that is how the success began – her own and that of many organizations.


phr. let’s go, onwards, here we go used as a request or a battle cry

In Cheyenne


Who's behind it

I have been managing NOHETO! since 2004. Making companies strong for the future so that they, in turn, have a positive impact on that future – that’s what drives me. My strength lies in combining analytical clarity with an intuitive understanding.

Born in Münster, Germany in 1981, I am a graduate in economics and studied at Witten/Herdecke University, where the mottos “encourage freedom”, “strive for truth” and “promote social responsibility” were seen as fundamental values.

I have both seen and experienced a lot in my life. By virtue of my experiences, gratitude, awe and a little bit of humility accompany me every day. Learning new things, giving courage and mapping out the road ahead are the cornerstones of my strength and integrity.

I live with my partner and our two sons in our chosen home of Berlin.

Our NOHETO! Partners

Forefathers, pioneers and associates

From the very beginning, the strength of the consulting approach was to consider what is right and what is necessary in the same thought. Strategy, people and advancement as a whole.
Dr. Ralph Wiechers
Senior Vice President of Dialogue Marketing & Press, Deutsche Post AG.
Being totally committed to something and really getting to the bottom of it - I think only true entrepreneurs can do that. I have known Nora Möllers for 15 years now, and one thing I know for sure: she is a true entrepreneur.
Dr. David Klett
Geschäftsführer Klett Lernen und Information GmbH.
Building trust and really delivering on promises. Committed, loyal and always solution-oriented. For me, that's what defines NOHETO! and, more specifically, Nora Möllers.
Bastian Schneider
Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer at Brand Leadership Circle.
The particular strength is empathizing with complicated situations, and being able to judge well what an organization - which consists of systematically interconnected people - can cope with in terms of implementation. Thus, it achieves a vernommen degree of efficiency.
Dr. Wolf Unkelbach
Vorsitzender der Gesellschafterversammlung KOJ AG und Aufsichtsratsvorsitzender AVIAREPS AG.
When we handed NOHETO! over to Nora Möller, we knew that she had a lot of potential. However, what she has actually achieved with NOHETO! and how she has developed the company is, in my eyes, still unbelievable.
Matthias von der Heyde
Geschäftsführer bei CHECK24, verantwortlich für Krankenversicherungen.
"For me, NOHETO! stands for highly motivated, inspiring people with creative and visionary talent. Imaginative, ingenious and inventive problem solvers.
Laura Zwack
Product Director Elsevier Clinical Solutions DACH + EE
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